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The Maryland Orchid Society meets the third Thursday of the month beginning at 7 p.m. See the Meetings page for a full timetable.

Inclement Weather Policy:

     If a snow emergency is declared or in effect in either Baltimore City or Baltimore County as of noon or later on the day of our meeting, the scheduled meeting will be cancelled. Snow emergencies lifted before noon will not cancel a meeting. Refer to the Maryland Coordinated Highway Action Response Team (CHART) website for the latest snow emergency information.
     We will distribute an email message to members confirming a cancellation as soon as it is known. Information may also be posted on the MOS website.

Last month's and previous newsletters is available in PDF (acrobat) format (about 1 megabyte) online. CLICK HERE! You should receive a link to the current newsletter in your email if you are a paid up member.

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Carri Raven-Reiman Maryland Orchid Society  20 April 2023

Maryland Orchid Society
April Meeting
Carri Raven-Riemann of the orchidPhile
Demystifying New Zealand Moss
Thursday, April 20, 7 p.m.
in person and Zoom

     With so many orchids being sold these days potted in New Zealand Moss, many growers find it a major challenge to deal with as relates specifically to watering and potting. Thanks to many years of visiting Taiwan, and the Taiwan growers’ generous sharing of information, I’ve come to appreciate its amazing benefits over bark or other mixes, something I would have never imagined many years ago when we all first started working with moss. I’ve been surprised at how well it functions for almost all genera, from Phalaenopsis to those you wouldn’t suspect like Cattleyas, Oncidinae, and Dendrobiums. In this Zoom presentation, I’ll cover the important basics of growing successfully in moss, from the quality of the moss to potting, watering and fertilizing, ending with a great instructional video made by a friend of mine in Taiwan demonstrating potting and mounting your orchids properly using this medium.

     The meeting will begin with the Virtual Show Table, in-person and by Zoom. We will try some new technology to bring the Live Show Table to our Zoom members.
Registration for 2023 Orchid Workshop
2023 Orchid Workshop

Maryland Orchid Society Membership Renewal 2022–2023

Maryland Orchid Society Membership renewal 2022-2023
Click on image to download form.

     It’s time to renew your Maryland Orchid Society membership for 2022–2023. In addition to our monthly meetings open to all, membership benefits include the newsletter, eligibility for the show table and the awards and prizes pertaining thereto, and eligibility to put up plants for auction.

     Of course, the most importamt benefit is knowing that your financial contribution ensures the promotion of orchid culture in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC!

     This year, we have leapt into modern times and have added a number of convenient ways to pay your dues.
  1. You can fill out and print out the attached membership form above and pay with a check at the meeting or by USPS.
  2. You can fill out and print out the attached membership form above and pay with a credit card at the meeting! (Thank you, Brenda, for engineering this triumph!)
  3. You can pay online RIGHT NOW using the secure link in the membership form above or clicking the PayPal icon below. You do NOT need a PayPal account — you can use a credit card for a secure online transaction, though you can, of course, use your PayPal account if you have one. (Thank you to Brenda and Bob and Susan Travers for this leap forward!)

Maryland Orchid Society PayPal checkout

Susan and Bob Tavers's Show take list

If you missed Susan and Bob's fabulous talk on getting ready for an orchid exhibit, here is a PDF copy of their time-tested Exhibit Tale List. Download your own and print.

Maryland Orchid Society Membership Flyer The MOS brings together people interested in orchids to promote and encourage orchid culture, preservation, education propagation, hybridization, and all other orchid-related activities of interest to its members. Benefits of membership include a subscription to the Newsletter (email and web), voting rights, borrowing privileges from the MOS Library, monthly guest speakers, local judging, valuable door prizes, and much, much, more!

Click here to download a copy of the Maryland Orchid Society Membership Flyer, a beautiful full color poster to place wherever there are people needing the benefits of our fellowship!

If you are interested in orchid culture and would like to meet others with similar interests, we cordially invite you to join the ranks of Marylanders already enjoying the benefits of membership in the Maryland Orchid Society.

To join, mail an application form.

We invite articles, notices, etc. for inclusion in our monthly newsletter, deadline for inclusion is first Sunday of the month.

The official MOS official address is P.O. Box 50097, Baltimore, Maryland 21211

The Missions Statement of The Maryland Orchid Society

Mission Statement of the Maryland Orchid Society

Maryland Orchid Society ByLaws available HERE ☜!

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If you have MOS expenses, a blank reimbursement form is available ⇨here⇦.

If you have MOS expenses, a fillable PDF reimbursement form is available ⇨here⇦.

The vitality of our society is a direct result of the efforts of all our members.
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